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    Lvl 1

    Was going to take it a few years ago with Pierre but life took over, i am just looking at booking up a course for this summer, however i havent studied anything in 20 odd years since i left school, if you pay attention and read the material properly can you fail easily, i mean is there stuff in there to trip you up or is it one of those things that if you put the effort in all is good?

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    Put in the effort and all will be good. All common sense really.
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    Key essentials are interest and effort.

    There is no one 'dsc type', we are bunch of individuals ( oh boy are we! ) and that applies to the DSC1 process as to life. Like most other providers we get all sorts on courses and for assessment - and any good provider wants to do the best by the individual. We've had old time pro stalkers whose last ' book learning' experience got cut short by 'That Hitler bloke' - so 20 years doesn't put you in the old fogey category!

    Discuss your circumstances with whoever you choose to go with ( you have the option to just attend for the assessment, but for most people some degree of revision course helps a lot ) and have them say what they can do to help you.

    There is nothing in the Assessment that is designed to trip anyone up - you can view all the written question banks online via the DMQ website. And DSCTRAINERS web page gives you the no cost chance to try out some sample questions.

    Good luck - do let us know how you get on.
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    I did mine years ago via the BDS
    one failed on the safety, happy to shoot without a backstop,
    another failed on the shooting, didnt manage 3 shots on the 1m x1m board.

    both were allowed a re test,
    the shooter got down to a 300mm group and failed again,
    the exam is a multiple choice, so not too difficult.

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    Thanks for your thoughts guys!
    any recomendations for who to go with in the Suffolk/Norfolk area?

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    Hiya I did mine with the BDS at bardwell in April I think the next one is in oct , just enjoy it baz

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    Yes, BDS - I think BASC have one at Epping in December. Jelen have just opened a centre in the East - worth seeing what courses they're running there - normally monthly.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    I did mine last weekend and found it fine. I was fortunate to be able to put the time in though with the books. If you are interested in the subject matter and do your homework, you'll be fine.

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    Lucozade when i did l1 a few years ago a pal gave me a cpoy of deer quest , a question and answer dvd on everything in level 1 if you pm me your address i will send it to you , perhaps you could give it to someone else when you get your level 1 Trevor

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    thanks trevor
    pm sent

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