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Thread: Simple reloading tools

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    Simple reloading tools

    Well after a bit of chasing, lots of waiting, the Lee Target Model "Zero Error" Reloader turned up this morning. Now for those who might not know these are simple hand and hammer tools:-

    Despite the tool being about 40-60 years old it has never been opened. The split is from being jostled about in the postal transit system despite beign well wrapped.

    I often see questions about Micrometer Bullet seating well this target model has just that . Of course more expensive straight line hand dies are often used by Bench Rest shooters. This Lee tool from the days of Lee Custom Engineering Co only neck sizes and also neck reams. The instructions say to only ream cases fired in your rifle.

    Now the quandry ......................................... do I keep it as is still sealed or do I open it and run a fired case through it and see how it all works?

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    no price benefit to being in sealed plastic, get it open!!

    took lots of pics from my first effort with the .270

    produced this from reaming 50 cases. looks a lot but it is finer than hair and next to no volume

    All the necks are now outer diameter sized with concentric and identical bores. To me this seems a better way of sizing and getting similar neck tension/bore than inner sizing and outer diameter neck turning.

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