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Thread: Auto Youtube Embedding

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    Auto Youtube Embedding

    I am currently trialling a plugin which will automatically embed Youtube videos when you paste a Youtube URL into a post.

    Usually you have to press the Video button Click image for larger version. 

Name:	videobutton.PNG 
Views:	254 
Size:	852 Bytes 
ID:	15825and then paste the URL but now you just paste the URL into the message and it should detect it automatically and embed the video.

    Hopefully this should make it easier to post videos on the site....



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    Is there a bug in the plugin as this vid does not show up on other thread
    (Maybe because it starts with "-" but seems to be valid YT address...

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    Made a few improvements to the pattern matching to include odd Youtube URLs containing parameters like "feature=" in the URL. Basically it should embed more reliably now. Also fixed the play full screen button which had disappeared.
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