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Thread: point blank software

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    point blank software


    does any one know where i can get a copy of this software, or similar?

    thanks steve

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    Are you after a specific piece of software? Hawke do a free bit of software from their web site which isn't too bad at all.

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    i just want to be able to find MV for my 19 inch barrel with factory loaded 150gn norma BTips


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    Try the Norma website.

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    i have but thier data doesn't state the test barrel lenght nor give you the option to input it yourself


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    this where you can download Point Blank but I don't know if it will help with what you want. You really need access to a chronograph then you will know for sure.


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    can't get thet link to work, i guess i will have to go to the range to work out the bullet drop.

    thats proberly the best solution any way


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    I think you want Quick Load not Point blank.


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    I just tried the link again and it downloaded fine for me. You putting your finger / cursor in the right place?


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    unfortunately point blank will not work for you. It is software that you have to feed values in to give you bullet drop etc. One of the values that has to be input is velocity.

    The only way to truely determine the velocity is to use a chronograph.

    Where do you live, maybe someone close can help you out.


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