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    Just picked up a brand new sako 85 finnlite in 6.5x55 and have started to think about cooking up a load for it.

    My plan is to start with a 120gr Nosler BT and a mid range load of N160. Just wondering if anyone else is loading similar and what overall length you are loading (particularly if you are using an 85 as well)?

    Any input welcome......

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    Nice choice of rifle. I wanted a Finnlight but there was a 10 month waiting list so I got the regular Stainless/Synthetic. What are you shooting? The 6.5 likes a heavier bullet. I'd go with 140gr if I were you. I have couple of loads using N160. Best for my rifle is 25 thou off the lands.

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    I know that this not a great help as I nor any other people I reload for in 6.5 do not have a Sako 85 but the following is therefore a guide only. You will however note from the following recipes that all measuements are ogive and not COL. Furthermore you may be interested to see the distance from the lands in each rifle - the 6.5 has a long enough bullet anyway without stuffing it out so close to the lands - you get a better burn with less free space in the case. All the following will shoot .5 or better.

    My R93 Using 120 Nosler BT 44gr N160 Seated 222 thou back at ogive of 2.350", GM Gold primers, Shoulder datum 1.772"

    Using 120 Sierra Pro Hunter 46.5 gr N160 seated 223 thou back at ogive of 2.346" do do do

    A Sauer using 120 Nosler BT 46.6 gr N150 seated 160 thou back at ogive of 2.383" do do 1.770"

    This guy also wanted his Sauer to shoot the 100 gr Nosler for fox but wanted the POI the same as the 120's so this was managed switching to 43.1 of N150 seated 220 thou back.

    Sako 75 using 120gr Nosler BT, 46gr N160 seated 180 thou back at ogive 2.422" Fed Gold primers, Shoulder datum 1.771"

    Styer Pro Mountain using 120 gr Nosler BT 44.2gr N160 seated 120 thou back at ogive 2.550" Fed Gold, Shoulder datum 1.769"

    Sako 75 using 120 gr Nosler BT 44gr of N160 seated 150 thou back at ogive 2.496" Fed Gold, Shoulder datum 1.772"

    The modern 6.5 (a bit like the 308) is quite tolerant of different recipes. Also in this part of the country myself and a couple of the rifles above take on the Exmoor red deer with the 120 gr heads - plenty big enough. Having said that. I am about to take on someone who wants to use the 129 gr Hornaday SST which are very good in the 6.5

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    I was once also under the opinion that 6.5 was a "heavy bullet" caliber but I've abandoned that prejudice over the years. I have seen too many 120 grain loads that will out-shoot the 140-160 grain loads. The current load in my FN 6.5x55 using 7828SSC is a 120 grain at 2800+ fps. Shoots in the half MOA region. The 6.5 Creedmore is regularly shot with 120 grain bullets with exceptional accuracy. ~Muir

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    Thank you for the information. I'm shooting a real mix, roe, some fallow and lamping charlie afterwards so really looking for an all rounder. I stalk reds a couple of times a year and have found a 125gr BT in my .308 is really effective (42gr RL10x). Decided on an 85 as my accuracy AW is to lumpy for the hills and stalking rather than high seating.
    Peter - Thanks for your information thats really helpful

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    With the 120's you might find a slightly faster powder like one of the 4350's works well for you. I have used it behind Speers 120 Grn flat based bullet to good effect in a couple of 6.5x55 rifles. For fox only the 100 grn ballistic Tip is very good if a little destructive.

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