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Thread: New member in Aberdeenshire

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    New member in Aberdeenshire

    Hello All,
    I have joined today, and pretty much a forum virgin so I'm looking forward to getting involved.

    I have been a shooter all my life, shotgun and air rifle, but only started stalking in 2009 when I also took and passed my DSC1 - the shooting part of the DSC1 was the first time I had ever fired a centrefire rifle. I stalk with a .308, a Sako 85 Hunter with lovely wood and blued action, and am currently waiting for my FAC to be returned with a variation for a .243. I have already found a rifle - another Sako, this time an 85 varmint laminated stainless steel. I have an Atec Maxim moderator fitted to the .308. I have a Schmidt & Bender 3-12x42 Klassic on the .308 and a Swarovski Z6i gen2 2,5-15x56 BT SR with Apel mounts ready to fit onto the .243. I also have a Sako Quad Varmint for vermin and pests, currently with in .17HMR and on my current variation request is a .22LR barrel to suit the Quad. I have a Zeiss 2-12x50 Duralyt fitted and an LEI moderator.

    I have 4 separate areas, 3 in Aberdeenshire and 1 in Angus, totalling about 5000+ acres where I am fortuante to be able to stalk roe and red covering a variety of terrain. I have also stalked in the USA, where I spend a long weekend each December hunting white-tail deer - last December I got a fine buck of 195lb and a lovely 8-point. I'm returning this winter to hunt again and bring my trophy home. I took my rifle with me - it was very easy and provided you follow a few basic common sense rules, don't be put off travelling overseas with your rifle or shotgun. In two consecutive trips to the USA last November and December travelling with a shotgun then rifle on 10 flights, 5 airports, 3 different carriers international and domestic flights I had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Please ask if you want some help or advice.

    I've recently registered for my DSC2, so I'm keen to get the experience in before getting the witnessed stalks.

    I also shoot at a local full-bore rifle club, it's great not just to practice and zero rifles, but the huge variety of guns within the membership is incredible. Since joining in February I have been fortunate to shoot semi-auto .22, pistol-calibre gallery rifles (.357/.358 and .44), .45-70 black powder rifle, 0.75 calibre flint-lock, .45 calibre muzzle loader, UK legal AK47, .223 AR15 and also shot at MOD ranges up to 600m.

    I also shoot in driven game syndicates in the Brechin area of Angus, although I'm fast realising that I'm a better rifle shot than I am shotgun! I do have my first walked-up grouse day coming up in August though and looking forward to that.


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    Welcome to the site.


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    Welcome to the forum, nice intro as well.


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    Welcome to the site David - will be getting back to you with those dates!

    I'm sure you will get a lot out of the forum and another Sako fan is always welcome!!
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    Great introduction, welcome onboard....

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    Welcome to the site u live in a great part of the world


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    Welcome David, nice write up. Thats a lot of stalking you've gathered in a short time, feel free to share!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks all. Looking forward to learning a thing or two and also a bit of lively debate!

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