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Thread: Who uses a chrony?

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    Who uses a chrony?

    Just wondering how useful a chrony is to the average reloader?

    Does is simply provide "nice to know information" or does it really make load development quicker/easier?

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    Hi Pete
    I chrono every load, run it Sierra Infinity it then gives me an accurate trajectory.
    I used to shoot every load at different ranges but now I trust it, as long as you put the correct info into Infinity its always been very accurate.

    I shoot various cal's so I also try to tailor the bullet weight/velocity how they shoot a similar trajectory (sad I know).
    Not that i regularly take long range shots but if I do, its easy to remember what the trajectory is.


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    I'm with Wayne only the cheaper version , I put mine through Point Blank, which actually is very accurate and provides trajectory etc.


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    I use the chrono once I have chosen the load that I have finalised. Then I use Point Blank for trajectory etc.

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    Thanks gents,

    May I ask what models people are using? The CED Millenium (sp?) has been highly recommended to me, but I'm not sure I want to lash out 180 on one for what will probably be infrequent use...

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    I use a]

    For load development they are excellent, you can easily see the sweet spot when velocities are consistent, measured via standard deviation, and when extra powder gives diminishing returns.

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    I use a Chrony F1 got it off the Sportsman about 100 we shared one for years, got my own about 4 years ago both been reliable.
    Think this is the same thing on ebay


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