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Thread: H4831sc for .243win

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    H4831sc for .243win

    Hi i have been loading for .243win with 100gn hornady interlocks using H414 with good results, i have run out of H414 but have a new pot of H4831sc, can anybody recommend a load with h4831sc and the 100gn interlocks
    cheers Geoff

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    i have used h4831sc for years in my sako and now in my r8 try 43.8grns
    cheers neil

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    H4831sc sounds a good option to explore. The following link should help.

    I plan to try some out myself with 100gr Hornady soft points in my 243 Ackley sometime this summer.

    Regards JCS

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    Use 42 gns H4831 behind Speer 105 gn roundnose, worked well on all deer species includeing sika hinds. deerwarden

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    Nel243 Hi Neil i have just looked at the Hodgdon reloading data and for 100gn in .243 the maximum stated load is 42gn of h4831 did you work up to the load that you use or did you work to a loading manual
    cheers geoff

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    Welll just to confusicate things I pulled out my Hornady 7th edition and on page 240 which cvers 95-100 grain bullets for H4831 it gives start at 42.0 and max at 45.5 grains.

    IMR 4831 however they start at 38.0 grn with max of 42.5 grains.

    Speers #14 on page 250 gives the following:-

    IMR4831 start 38.0 Grn with max at 42.0 grains

    H4831SC start at 40.0 Grn an max at 44.0 gains.

    Interestingly my old Hodgdons #26 give the max load for H4831 with 100 Grn bullets as 46.0 grains. IMR 4831 it gives a max of 44.0 grains like Speer.

    It just depends on where you look as to what information you get. Just another good reason for starting low and working up. Most barrels are different it what they like and will accept before showing excessive pressure signs.

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    I went to my local range in france this morning to see what results i could get with h4831sc in my .243. I first loaded three rounds with 42gn these produced a group about 1 inch, next was 43gn these produced a group again about an inch with two shots touching, next i tried 43.8 this opened up the group to about one and three quarter ins , I used a lee loader to give the barrel time to cool, it attracted a lot of attention and i had quiet an audiance. Next time i go i will load 43gn and alter the length from 2.65ins to see if i can improve the group,

    Cheers Geoff

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