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Thread: deer stalking saddle

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    deer stalking saddle

    good condition deer saddle,550 posted comes with the front shackles and back plus two side straps and rear straps,hopefully pics upload???!

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    What size animal does it fit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunterjohnb View Post
    What size animal does it fit?
    ...unlike normal riding saddles - the one here has no fixed tree inside it

    So, what size animal have ya got? Cos that's the size of animal that the saddle will fit (assuming the animal is an equine based species or close relative of the same!)

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    it fits the good old steady reliable loveable highland gharn,beats,traditionally beats any vehicle hands doon.[]Attachment 15862

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    yess thats right.

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    thats a cracking photo big white hunter i know its a fairly modern picture but i have quickly give it abit of grain and contrast for you i hope you dont mind,wayne
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    no bother,mereside,cheers.

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    Make a cracking painting luv it
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    I have some fell ponies for sale if any one wants one that saddle would look nice on one of them . Pendle
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    Surprised this hasn't been snapped up, these things cost a bleeding fortune new!

    Might be worth contacting the SNH office on the Isle of Rum, they use similar saddles and might appreciate a spare.

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