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Thread: big cat found? what do you think?

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    big cat found? what do you think?

    told bout this .....whats yer thoughts?

    guess dna will tell us

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    That's at least the third post on the same thing

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    Still looks like a dog to me

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    Excuse me .... Very sorry I've wasted 30 seconds of your time reading it

    I wasn't aware other posts on the subject as I haven't read them

    & I was only told bout this this evening

    If yer not interested ..... Don't read it


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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    guess dna will tell us
    Yes it will tell you it's an Otter


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    Otter ... friends got a skull of one looks the same to me

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    Yep I agree. My first thought was otter.

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    appears to be identical to the beast of bodmin says the report good lord the billybobs down here will be dissapointed if they get wind
    that there be an otter prowling the moor

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    Now you come to mention it, it does look rather otterlike, if only the tail. Cat's tails are generally a similar diameter throughout most of their length, whereas that tail has a definite taper from base to tip.

    Also looking at the skull, it's obviously a mustelid of some sort, and that at that size a big dog otter is about the only rational explanation around these parts.

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