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Thread: Chuffed! NEW RIFLE HAS TURNED UP..

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    I'm like a kid at crimbo! popped upto my local gunshop wilts rod and gun in swindon with a mate to see if he could get a scope ring insert today and thought i would ask about the pair of x bolt 6.5x55's that i had ordered! (told not getting released until first week in aug) and the chap in the shop said! oh yes they are out the back! BOOM!! WTF really? so off he pops and back with a box with a lovely 21"" x bolt stalker!!! You dancer! BUT was then told cant have them until the boss is back monday as they have not been registered yet! bugger! so i better get and have a look for the new scope this weekend as i think i may be slightly busy next week making up a load for the old girl! very happy bunny

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    great feeling isnt it picking up a new girl

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    Happy days.............that's the kind of suprise everyone

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    I've bought several guns and rifles from Wilts Rod and Gun, and have always been impressed with the service they provide. Did I read your OP correctly - you're getting a pair of x-bolts? Have fun - let us know how you get on with them, as they look like being very good value.
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    picked up my new rifle tuesday am well happy with mine too,dare i say ive been like a poof with 2 bums

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    2 bums ha sworo? And yes 2 6.5 one for me and other for a mate! Got on so well with the 243 had to buy another!

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    I've bought rifles from tony in the past

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    He does give you a very good deal! Cheapest I have found! Must be good this is my fourth rifle from him! Im happy

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