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Thread: Loosing heads!! No not again arhhh!

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    Loosing heads!! No not again arhhh!

    I had a real pretty roe head under a bucket with a stone on it til I could sort it and it was there on monday after the weekend but went to get it this evening, piff puff poof, the stones off and the heads gone with the bucket on it's side

    This is the second head I've lost that I really wanted to get up on the wall. My only ever cracking muntie head fell out my tree on a windy night a couple of days after I got it and the fox that sometimes comes through the garden must have robbed in and now this!

    Me and that charlie are going to have words fu<Łer

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    Get a burco and power washer Paul, from the beast to fully cleaned off in 40 minutes.

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    i feel your pain mate! i had just finished 2 roe buck heads in the boiler weds, put them on the wall in the garden went in for a coffee 10 mins later the dog trots in with one of the antlers! the buggers had eaten the skulls! just the 2 sets of spikes left in the grass

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    lost 2 heads too foxes the other week, now got 2 more heads Ty rapped up a tree hope the fox dosnt climb!

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    Either do them right away or if you don't have time get a freezer, got forty odd in the freezer from this season already, will make a start on them this weekend.

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    can't fit a sparrow in my freezer at the mo but if she gets another freezer it will somewhere else for here to pile stuff on I suppose

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    I picked up an old chest freezer its out in the shed just keep it for heads, its not possible for me to do my clients heads on a daily basis as not all my stalking is from home stay away quite a bit, so freezer at stalking ground and freezer at home, luckily my clients are all repeat so collect trophy's on return visit.

    Stay at B&B when away have larder and chill unit there but need to be discreet
    boiler just to upsetting for some b&b clients.
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    You should have married Fred wests sister she could have put then in a patio for you

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    ooh that's grim....

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    I'll tell you whats even grimmer, I bet the fox that stole those heads was one of them good harmless ones

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