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Thread: Roe Trophy ( over 700 )

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    Roe Trophy ( over 700 )

    Think I can do without that one !

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    see photos and my different auction with upper head 830 gr.links ca.15 cm on the right of ca.18 cm bar length. Extent at the roses 41 cm after ca.10 cm 36 cm, fresh support from 2008 smells something would have one to give subsequent treatment

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    It ain't the same if you haven't shot it your self think i might put a few of mine up to help get over the credit crunch..

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    What an absurd price for the equivalent of the (elephant man )peruke .
    I haven't' a clue as to trophy scoring If I come across any you can have them for FREE!, but a pint would be nice .
    Cheers TRAPPER

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    I know a french man who will fly over in his private jet at the drop of a hat and pay 3000 if I have a peruke for him to shoot!!!


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