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Thread: Jelen Deer Services - Pneudart Transmitter Darts at Houghton Estate

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    Jelen Deer Services - Pneudart Transmitter Darts at Houghton Estate

    This video shows the new Pneudart PLL transmitter darts being tested at Houghton Estate, Norfolk.

    For more information on these darts and equipment contact Jelen Deer Services


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    Will my old transmitters fit into the new "threaded" darts?

    Cheers Sharkey

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    Hi Sharkey,

    I don't think so, but to be honest we never used the old ones so couldn't swear on it.

    I'll try and find out for you.


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    Out of interest what do you see the practical use of this is ?

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    I think that would be a must if ever there was a need to dart urban deer the thought of loosing a dart in a housing estate would be unthinkable.

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    I think that anyone that works with deer can see this as a great tool and for the capture of large and exspensive animals. And an aid to any deer manager .Using a transmitter dart where animals have to be found quickly in large enclosers is a must. Deer can react badly to some drugs and when time is of the essence then this is the way forward the recapture of large deer where the public and deadly drugs are conserned is a situation where this type of dart is needed

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    A valid question Eggsy, as 6 pointer and Fox Slayer pointed out, it is so easy to lose a dart, and this kit can save many hours looking for it - especially in thick cover.

    Also, in heavy cover or woodland areas, it is always a worry when the animal disappears from view, or the dart falls out. With this we can pinpoint the dart to within 12 inches, and as it transmits from 1.5 miles away for up to six days, then we should be able to locate both animal and dart without any undue delay.


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    Falconry telemetry set. Very handy!

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    Ahh my bad serves me right for not really paying attention.

    I thought it was just a transmitter not for darting deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Falconry telemetry set. Very handy!
    Hi Deer man,

    Yes it's the same Marshall kit as used for Falconry, but the transmitters are a different type.

    Really good stuff. Though not cheap!


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