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Thread: Buck with no testicles!

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    Buck with no testicles!

    Had a weird one this morning, shot a nice buck in hard antler, 5 pointer with a brow tine missing. I would guess he's about 3 or 4 years old and had good body weight and almost full summer coat.

    He had no ******** or any sign of them at all.

    Penis was there but no danglies, no sack or scars, no sign of them ever being there.

    I would have thought this would have produced a Peruke head but he was in normal hard antler with all his velvet gone.

    Anyone else seen this before, it's a first for me.


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    Did you look inside? Could they have been undescended?

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Did you look inside? Could they have been undescended?
    Most likely explanation I would have thought.
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    did he bark in a high pitch?

    thirded with the undecended testes

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    I didn't see them anywhere inside or attached to the penis as I pulled through the bladder etc, the client took the carcase, will call him to have another look.

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    his doe may have them in a jar at home, i know my mrs has mine there.
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    Just spoke to the client, he's in the middle of butchering it just now, found 1 small testicle inside the abdominal skirt.

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    To start antler growth in Roe a pulse in blood levels of testosterone is essential. This then drops low and in the final third of antler growth testosterone rises again to mineralise them leading to subsequent loss of velvet.Hard antler.This animal definitely had testicular tissue. It could have been anywhere from behind the kidneys to the inguinal canals into the scrotum.

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    Shot a buck a few years ago with a client that had no penile sheath. Was with a doe in the rut, although my guess is without the guidance of the sheath he'd have hitting the buttfer.
    He was a gold medal though

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