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Thread: many thanks to andy (moray outfittings)

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    many thanks to andy (moray outfittings)

    hi all, well after my post about severing my artery and not being prepared out in the field, i was pleased about the support i got (or should i say the abuse i dint get lol)from people on here.
    well andy,who is moray outfittings on sd pm'd me and offered me some military wound dressing and alsorts of other first aid kit all free of charge including postage, well it arrived this morning and there is loads of stuff in the package.
    i live by the motto it's nice to be nice so on that note i,ll be contacting andy for some stalking in the future to show my gratitude.
    so many thanks to andy(moray outfittings) and i will get something booked with you soon for later on in the year.
    thanks again stav
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    I also have to say that Andy seems hell bent on bringing first aid to stalkers with no view to making any profit or advantage on his part. I won the first aid kit that Andy offered on the forum and a great kit with lots of gear was dispatched to me. I've been carrying it on my belt while stalking ever since and, thankfully, have only had to use a plaster or two. Andy wrote a very thorough description of what was in the kit and what it might be sensible to add which was most useful indeed.

    I hope you got over your "event" stav, I did read your report and have got to say that there is no way I'd have been as calm as you were. I now keep one of Andy's large field dressings in a pocket at all times (even when not stalking with the full kit on my belt) on the basis that should I have an accident like yours I could hopefully get it on and get some pressure on it. I hope never to find out but I would certainly never have been prepared without the intervention of Andy so this is another big SD thumbs up for him.
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    Dang - I knew I'd missed something!

    Seriously guys - shucks - happy to help, but thank you for the kind comments.

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