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Thread: Magazine - Parker hale

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    Magazine - Parker hale

    As above if anyone has an old mag in .243/.308 for the PH 1200 super, 1300 scout or compatible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OSS32 View Post
    As above if anyone has an old mag in .243/.308 for the PH 1200 super, 1300 scout or compatible.
    I have a 10 shot one that I might be willing to part with.

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    This is the 1200C longer version for 270/30-06:-

    I am not sure the 1300S (Scout) is the same as they are more square in profile.

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    Thanks brithunter,
    I'm no ph expert (unlike some ); did they ever make the 1200 in the .308 caliber?
    The magazines are interchangeable in their housing. I tried a 1200 in the scout and it fits perfectly, however you would have feed problems with the .270/30-06 as the .308/.243 have a spacer at the back for the shorter round. I think the rifles are built on the same Mauser action?

    I was after a five round mag; but to be fair beggars.....

    I do prefer the look of the 1200 mags - don't know why, and don't think it figures in any of my purchasing calcs but hey ho.

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    Sorry brithunter, one more q, it was a .270 1200 mag that fit, if the 1200 did come in .308/.243 did it have the same size mags as the .270 but with a spacer or was it a smaller mag, in which case it would not fit.

    Oh, FYI the scout mag also fits the 1200.

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    There is a 243/308 magazine but I have not got a photo of one. As to it's length body wise it's probably the same length as you say they probably blocked the rear for the shorter cartridge.

    The reason I have those photos is of course because I acquired a 1200C in 25-06 and that is one of the magazines for it.

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    Ta brithunter


    I'm in the Market for a .243 at the mo, can't make up my mind if I want a ph or something modern and synthetic; must admit I'm erring on the side of a ph at the mo... Will put a post in the rifles and calibres section to gather opinion.

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    If you want a nice rifle and a bargin then get a move on and hone the guy at Low Mill Ranges. he has a 1200 on Guntrader in .243 that looks almost new and it has a varible Pecar on it and priced at less than the scope would fetch on flea bay. If I had to money spare I would try to do a deal through the RFD and sell it on at a profit.

    He has it listed as:-

    Parker-Hale .243 Super Safari Bolt Action second hand rifle .

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    i do belive i have a 5 round one at home, the problem is i wont be there for another 3 weeks. if you can wait till then i am open to offers.

    charlie 1

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