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Thread: A Grand Dog Day

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    A Grand Dog Day

    My total appreciation to 6p and the other members of the South Lanarkshire Deer Group who today hosted a very successful Deer Dog event. I know that a lot of effort and consideration went into the planning of this event from the laying of tracks/collecting of blood, legs etc,food and drinks supplied right down to the welcome we received from the landowner who did all he could to facilitate parking of vehicles and obvioulsy permitted us to use his ground. Excellent to "chew the fat" with the other lads and their dogs who attended. Just loved that wee teckel. A special thank you to Wolverine who travelled considerable distance to give his experience. I had some other commitments so had to leave prior to Wolverine's indoor presentation but with the interpretator in place I am sure would have been well received.
    All in all A Grand Dog Day.

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    Thanks Alex and it was nice to see all the dogs do well. Here is a small video of Diesel finishing his specialty laid track mtr track and i am sure he liked his prise .

    More pictures to follow.

    My thanks to all who attended and to emma my niece for watching the dogs in the hot weather and a special thank you to George (wolverine) For filling in for the Baron and what a good job he made of it .
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    cheers 6pointer and all sldg for the grand day. There was guys travelled a fair distance to attend the tracking day. Good to meet a phew new faces good day had bye all who attended cheers wolverine for for the time you spent with every one cheers Dean

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    Thanks dean your picture will be up But i had to put this little chap up.
    14 week old teckle on his first over night track while he took his time he hardly missed a beat and done the track in stile the white cane is the finnish. he is in the video you need to look quite hard .Thanks to James from the Buchan deer group for bringing him.

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    Jimmy and his stunning GSP Thanks for coming such a long way. Hope you enjoyed your day in sunny scotland you went a way with a free sun tan that will keep the yorkshire side of you happy

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    I really enjoyed putting names to faces and as I say I'm no expert in this field of tracking but if we can impart some knowledge of what dogs are capable of doing,all the better.
    As I say this is a sport within a sport and I feel that this country of ours has a lot to offer tracking breeds but more importantly taking handlers up to speed with what their dogs can do and what handlers can do.
    James is not in our deer group even after knowing him for a considerable time and trying to talk him into this,he is the type of guy I feel that would benefit any group,dogs or a DMG he is a very shy guy as I am
    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

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    or find us on facebook
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    deffinate big thanks to all concerned for putting on a fantastic day totally enjoyed myself putting names to faces and having a natter with folk along with having a go with tilly, roll on the next one as its days such as this that will benefit us all in the long run.
    cheers guys

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