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Thread: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO - if you're about to eat your lunch!!!!

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    DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO - if you're about to eat your lunch!!!!

    PM on dead Fallow Buck.

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    Was the cause determined?

    I must admit my bowl of cereal doesn't look quite as appealing. Still interesting though.

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    Thanks for sharing. A good job done.

    Mushroom soup anyone?
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    Same with sausage sandwich....

    Thanks for the informative video, another good one to the collection...

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    Very interesting thanks for showing

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    Thanks for that, very interesting and informative. It would be nice to find out the outcome in time.

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    Another very interesting video, Mike. I will be interested to hear the results from the tissue sample.



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    thanks for sharing very informative, atb wayne
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    Seen very similar symptoms in older cattle at the slaughterhouse witch where what we called in the trade wired.
    The unfortunate animal had eaten a piece of wire and it punctured the rumen wall and massive infection ensued very similar to the buck.
    not saying that wire is the cause just similar symptoms would be very interested to know if the cause was established

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