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Thread: Aya Yeoman & C&H Avant Tout

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    Aya Yeoman & C&H Avant Tout

    Good morning all,

    Just been through the cabinet this morning and I'd like to see a few guns go-

    So I have a AYA Yeoman 12bore 28" barrels, tight action well used, stock is about 14" 110

    I also have about 350 20g game carts 75 collected

    Lastly I have a cased Cogswell & Harrison 12g very good cond. 28" barrels 350ono (this will also come with 250 pigeon carts).

    Guns obviously FtF - I travel all over the country with work, so meeting up can be arranged within reason!

    Also I have my Swaro Nova 6x42 1" tube, 4a ret for sale perfect optics 300 posted-insured.

    Pictures available on email or MMS - PM me


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