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    Guys i have a grade 3/4 timber on my blaser and it looks very dull, im wishing to bring out the natural look of the stock and also waterproof.
    I am not looking to have it shiney like varnish but would like some input on what to use? WAX. neatsfoot oil, danish oil ect,
    maybe there is a stocker on this site that will have the magic answer.
    regards chris.

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    Hi Jewfish,

    I use some wax I bought from my local gunship I think it made by birchwoodcasey . I think Danish oil will stain and harden the wood in your stock and neats foot might not do the trick as it used to soften leather. Other alternative is boiled linseed oil. Alternatively have a chat with a good gun smith they should be able to help.

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    Try proper stock finish .................................... as radical as that may seem.

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