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Thread: Opportunities in Canada

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    Opportunities in Canada

    Well my father in law has rather generously offered to pay for the wife and I to go to Canada next July for a fortnights holiday

    Can anyone recommend me some decent hunting and fishing in the Vancouver area around this time?

    Also, is there any decent bargains on clothing/equipment to be had out there on shooting/fishing stuff?


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    Just get your flights booked and worry about the rest later.
    It`s a fantastic place and one you won`t regret going to.
    Only wish i could afford to go again.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    regretably Cabelas dont have a store in Vancouver - their stores are absolute heaven for anyone with the remotest interest in the outdoors. Bass Pro and Gander Mountain are not as good as Cabela's but still good compared to anything in the UK. Have a look on their web sites and plan your shopping. You will be surprised how much hunting kit can be picked up at Wall Mart.

    Your best deals will be found on products manufactured in the US or Canada - because they dont have to be bought in foreign currency (poor exchange rates) and inccur transportation and customs importation cost. US/ Canada clothing tends to be good value, hard wearing and good quality.

    If you reload, look at taking home bullet heads. Make sure that you take your FAC with you to demonstrate when challenged that you are allowed to possess heads. Also make sure you understand the airline requirements for taking ammo on the plane. IMHO dont try and split hairs wherther heads can be classed as ammo or not, the customs guys at either border wont have the knowledge to discerne between the two and will always take the 'moral high ground' and treat heads as ammo. This ensures you get the goods home and not have to leave them in a bin in some air port.

    Would suspect that you will be able to pick up any ammount of fishing in July. Hunting would be scarce as they work licenced open seasons often requiring you to have a tag. Have a look at the web site below which will guide you on hunting rules/ seasons in BC.

    What ever you end up doing, you will have a great time and find it hard to leave to come home.


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    Hi David,
    just imagine hunting heaven... pretty much everywhere of a suitable population size has some form of hunting outfitters. do your research first as the distances to places are vast! as mentioned most stuff is available in larger department stores. try canadian tire for buget gear of not bad quality. normally on out of town mall complexes.

    there is nothing your hunting mind could think of that can't be found!!

    fill your boots

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    Vancouver island salmon run is well under way then, the pacific kings are just starting to run Port Hardy or Port Alberni or if you can get someone to, take you in Gold river area,boat to friendly cove is one of the best places I've ever fished for salmon in the world .

    The shooting is zero in July, but the fishing well makes up for the or the Frazier river for Sturgeon is excellent from Hope north the trout fishing around Williams lake, is brilliant also buy a fishing license at any gas station get salmon tags added to it and enjoy the area it is excellent, I go out every couple of years for a couple of months cannot beat it .

    Don't forget a camera .

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    Thanks for the reply's, im really looking forward to this trip already, only 13 months to go

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