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Thread: 2 rifle rifle bags

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    2 rifle rifle bags


    Can anyone recommend a decent rifle bag that will fit 2 rifles (and protect them from each other)? I'm after one so that when I nip off to the range I only need to carry one bag (and not look like a mexican bandito with several slung over my shoulders). I've seen the hard cases but I want to be able to squeeze this one in the boot of the car, which none of my current hard cases will fit in to but my soft cases do.

    I did a fleabay search and there was a few but the decent ones looked to be about 100+, apart from the Hong Kong specials. Being from Northern breeding stock I would prefer something a little less costly

    The rifles are all around the 44-45" mark in length with the moderators on.

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    Voodoo Tactical - just bought one myself from

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    napier of london do a double one that zips down the middle so that you can use as two separate bags,or keep it as a double over your shoulder,regards

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    the dutch fella who does all the shows, cant remember his company name, he sells gunbags and tumblers mostly
    Has a cracking one for 39

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    i use one of these, carries 2 rifles or rifle and sticks/kit. think you can get a black sako one also.

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