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Thread: first deer with new rifle

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    first deer with new rifle

    Hi all picked up my new rifle tika t3 lite .270 with pes t12 mod and leupold 4.5-14x50 scope, on 21.2 spent the next week shooting it in and zeroing it in the same week i managed to pick up some new land with red and roe on it, perfert chance to try the new rifle out. On the following monday i went for a look round the new land lovely piece of ground a lot of roe saw 5 different groups numbering from 7 in one group down to 2 groups of 3, a lot of does but mangaged to pick out 3 very nice bucks. so off i went back to the cottage thinking of nothing else but tommorow and where to start frist, anyway up the next morning at 0430 loaded the car and at the wood by 0520, got myself settled at the end of the main ride, by 0800 i had counted 11 deer crossing the ride but just not holding long enough to get a shoot off, so that was that no deer but a good insight to the new ground tried a few diffrent rides over the next few days and it was pretty much or the same but on one occasion i had two good bucks stand and feed for a good 5 mins in front of me about 90yds down the ride always the way when they are out of season roll on the 1st, by wednseday i thought i was not going to get a shot, but up again thursday morning and back out the weather had changed for the worst -8 and still, so as before got myself set at the bottom of one of the rides and about 0645 out come two does and one young buck about 80yds away by this time i was trying to stop my heart from jumping out or my chest i got down looked through the scope to see all three deer standing well apart from each other so i put the cross hairs on one of the does straight through the engine box, did not move from the spot i hit it, the two other deer were off like a shot so i give it five mins to let things calm down my self included, went over to the deer and as you all know thats when the work begins so after gralloching the deer it was now 0800 so i went for a look round as i was walking along the ride i look up to my right and saw five deer just stood feeding, none the wiser i was there so i put the rifle up and squeezed another one off straight down again i let the rest or the deer move away and started all over again "what a morning", so got cleaned up and off to the larder to drop off the deer and back for a big breakfast with the biggest smile ever .[/b]

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    Good write up and photos. But no deer photo?
    Well done mate, first of many.

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    Thans for posting. Am I corect in assuming they are Scots pine? I am pretty sure they are from the photo. I love that type of forest.

    I don't suppose you have any Caercaille in that area at all?



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    hi jon2 i have been told by the keepers in the area that there is a few knocking about mate i will be keeping my eyes open as i have not seen one in the flesh.

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    Hi basil if you look in the middle of the pic with the trees in it you can see the deer mate and i accounted for one of them.

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    Good innit ! New Toy and all the bits , plus a result, AINT' LIFE BRILLIANT!!
    Had the same Joy when I got my first with my Tikka t3 .243 , then a second whammy with my .308 . Watch it mind there are some Tikka haters out there , someone will try to convert you to a ??????? or something , well done and ENJOY .
    Regards Trapper

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