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Thread: a new chapter

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    a new chapter

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    i have just returned from a trip stalking. far to hot but the best trip i have had. all my other hunting is done with a dog by my side. without going on to much i decided to take my 5 year old lab buzz as he has proved to be a good all rounder sits at a pond or foreshore for hours picks up beats and doesent lose much game. have spent the last year walking quietly through woods droping to my knees so on so on you get thr picture. friday night arrived after a 5 hr journey stalked ith dog to heel for a couple of hours all was good .it was time to sit and settle in a likly spot . buzz was tuned inn instantly he new what he had to do . i was so made up it seemed my stalking kit was complete.10 miniutes later he spotted this buck which i had not he shiverd with intensity as he does when wild fouling so i new he had seen something.but was it a deer yes it was. sent him out straight to it .i am very happy . so is buzz

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    cracking looking lab and a nice buck t boot ,for alot of us stalkers come allround country boys the lab is the perfect companion imo dont want to start a dog war .
    glad you had a nice weekend chap

    atb norma

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    Good little write up, good photos.
    "Shiver'd with intensity" love it...... I was there with you when you said that!

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    Tis it just me or does "Buzz" look rather smug laying there next to the Buck in the tray.

    Seems to be saying without me you wouldn't have got him ............................. Ha!

    Nicely done.

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    Toad are you ex Army? Look familiar!!

    Nice trophy BTW

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    thanks for your feedback guys. without buzz this one would definatly have seen another day . another string to his bow.
    no mate i am not ex army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Tis it just me or does "Buzz" look rather smug laying there next to the Buck in the tray.

    Seems to be saying without me you wouldn't have got him ............................. Ha!

    Nicely done.
    Very smug indeed!

    Well done Toad, he looks a cracking dog, I can't imagine shooting without the dog although she has her moments. Sure a black labs can't track like a BMH, quarter like a cocker, point like a GSP or nip my ankles like a collie but they are second to none when it comes to eating.

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    well done your lab is the spitting image of my 4year old lab basil and i never go stalking without him as he has a brilliant nose for deer,and he also shivers with excitement when he sees a deer in fact i was down for a look round a regen area i manage the deer on last night and as i crawled over a knoll there was a young knobber and a hind 60 yards in front of me grazing dog knew they were there before i even got to the knoll,I had no intention of shooting but i wanted to watch them but dog also wanted to see so was trying to keek over the top of me so i motioned to him to sit down which he promptly did right on top of me for a perfect view!and yes he was trembling,after watching i left them in piece and walked back down hill he also changed body language again which told me there was deer about and after waiting a minute a nice young buck walked up from the burn exactly where dog was looking only50 yards away in the gloom I raised rifle but just wasnt in shooting mood so lowered it again and just watched it until it was dark and let it move away,you just cant beat having the dog with you as i would never have known that buck was there though it may not be so lucky next time,hope you have plenty more luck with the dogs help

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    cheers corky sounds like they are cut from the same cloth. its not all about whats in the bag at the end of the day . its great feeling when you know what your dog is telling you. its what they can teach you sometimes not what you can teach them.i will post some pics of my spaniels soon

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