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Thread: PB shot

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    PB shot

    Out a bit earlier this evening so I had a wander looking for a 500yd plus shot,I ranged a rabbit at 514yds,dialled in the clicks and missed a fraction over,had a feeling It was shooing 1 click high at 500yds which equals 50mm,Rabbit had its back to me ,weren't much of a target,knocked off 2 clicks and nailed it,I was opprox 50mm low on the shot placement so my hunch was right,it's amazing watching the strike from that range
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    What round was that with? A 500 yard bunny is good going no matter what you're shooting!

    C/F rifles are an expensive rabbit control tool, but for the odd long shot, it's gotta be worth a try.

    I hope you collected up your rabbit pate!

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    T3 varmint in 25-06 using 85gr nos bal tip,I've shot into 2 inches with it at 500yds,that's why tikkas are the dogs,get it shooting tidy and you can reach right out there,I've shot one hole groups with it at 100yds,I ad a zero check tether day,3 shot group 0.232 inch group c to c

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    I carry a cushion thing I made,it serves 2 purposes,first is I use it to sit comfy on and second I can use it to put under the butt so to be real steady for long shots and it works a treat !have said this before,most shooters don't realise how accurate you can be at long range,I've only shot out to 1000yds,hopefully one day I will get to shoot further with the right calibre
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    that is very good shooting, ive shot rabbits at 300yds but thats about my limit

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    That's not your limit trust me,You need the right kit,you need target turrets and need to know your drops and elevation adjustments,also a rangefinder,get yourself a nice safe spot and put up a target and see for yourself !how about a 496yd crow
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    Well done! I shot a bunny yesterday evening at 290 yards with the .204R - mind you, that was off sticks!

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    How long is the barrel on your T3 Varmint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomis View Post
    How long is the barrel on your T3 Varmint?
    Not sure nomis,whatever standard t3 varmint is,600mm ish

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    Tikka Varmints can be 510mm or 600mm if yours is 600 then its 23 3/4" which would be better for 25-06.

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