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Thread: BASC film - introduction to woodland stalking

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    BASC film - introduction to woodland stalking

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    nice video,

    I wonder have the "other" associations done similar?

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    Great video BASC.

    Well done.


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    Good introductory video. Encapsulates a lot in a short time.


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    Thanks for the comments.


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    Excellent video BASC! and nice dog

    Well done

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    Excellent video, clear, concise and portrays the art of deer stalking, well done to all

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    Was sat watching that and thinking "where do I know that face from?" and then I realised Lewis attended some of the same lectures as I at college last year.

    Great video BASC and really good to see a fellow Sparsholt student doing well, well done Lewis.


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    Agreed, great video and nice to see; sceptical as I am, of course it will get praised on a stalking site, but surely we stalkers are surely not the people that you were targeting when you made this video. That's what people like the field-sports channel are around for.

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