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Thread: FSB Splat, shot, special?

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    FSB Splat, shot, special?

    Is it just me or do others think that this is a waste of time?
    The rest of the show can be entertaining at times but.....

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    If they insist on doing it, at least make it interesting and pick targets that are out of the ordinary.


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    What do you think should be shot, make suggestions as they might listen and think ah! that's cool

    Golf balls?
    Snow globes?
    A sweet teddy bear?

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    Paint balls, tinned food like meat balls in gravy, bottles of salad cream, tins of paint, aerosol paint cans would be a good start.
    In short anything that reacts in a big way, somebody has done a series of the same thing with the HMR on US forum, in slow motion they look great.


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    It would have made an entertaining one-off piece with several different items, but stringing it out like they have is becoming a little tedious in my opinion...

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    Total crap i can't believe they actually put it on the program same as the news section crap

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    Iv'e enjoyed the prog,but this is just plain stupid,definate step in the wrong direction....

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    It is interesting to see what a bullet will do to different items but it seems pointless making it into a competition and the silly music and irritating commentary just makes it very cringeworthy.

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