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Thread: Stolen guns

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    Stolen guns

    Folks, heard that's another house been broken into in Dumfries and had guns stolen! That's 3 properties in a year that's house firearms and shotguns stolen. Going to get my trigger locks on everything and put a padlock through the breeches! It seems a standard cabinet ain't good enough unfortunately!

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    Are they removing the cabinets from the wall & taking it away with them or cutting their way into them with a grinder?
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    I hope they are recovered quickly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro_guitar View Post
    Going to get my trigger locks on everything
    Don't waste your money... i looked into this a while back and ALL trigger locks use a very similar mechanism, and can be opened in 2 seconds with a screwdriver:

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    Not too sure, heard one was peeled open like a bannana on the front door of A cabinet. Don't know about the rest. Dont know what else there is people like us can do. Perhaps a home visit from a crime prevention officer?

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    No offence but whats a trigger lock, padlocks through the breach and a crime prevention officer going to do? If they find the gun safe and want them bad enough they will get them.

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    think it's more about slowing them down, if it's too much trouble they are more than likely to walk away.
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    Burglar alarm box on the front and dog turds in the back garden!

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    Won't be long before firearms will have trackers fitted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllThingsShooting View Post
    Won't be long before firearms will have trackers fitted...
    or they will insist your cabinet is fabricated from 10mm ABRO 500.

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