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Thread: breast saw

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    breast saw

    hi, as the title say's but the type like a normal knife shape, not the t handle type. anyone sell them on here.
    cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    got mine from the garden centre you can go real cheap or silky fox type are expensive say from a 5 up to 40

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    The BDS shop has them
    By the way, it is about 27cm OAL, not 27 cm blade as stated in the advert
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    Attached is a link to deer legend, Dave Stretton's website. The breast bone saw is the third one down. Dave cuts the teeth on these saws himself using a jig. The saw cuts on the pull stroke, which makes them much easier and safer to use on a beast.


    I'm not sure if the knifes that Dave makes the saws from are Sheffield, but he could do you one from a Smithfield if it's important to you.



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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    hi, as the title say's but the type like a normal knife shape, not the t handle type. anyone sell them on here.
    cheers stav
    Hello Stav,

    I bought 2 from Scewfix, the catalogue number is 53642 4;99p, actually there are a number of them on the same page..ouch very sharp though

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    The OutDoor Edge version is a very handy piece of kit - maybe not the cheapest product around at 19.95 however you do get an FOC 6" Mora boning knife in with the deal - both are quality products.



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    Cant go wrong with one of these, 7.98 from B&Q....

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    The DS bone saw is brilliant! I used to have one and when I lent it out I never got it back! I currently use the bush wear 6 job and it's good but not what your looking for.

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    Yep, the Outdoor edge stuff is unbeatable in my opinion - available from Jelen including the free 6"boning knife.


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    Hi Stav

    In reply to our pm handle shape is below (also the value added product...)



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