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Thread: Solid Brass Bullets

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    Solid Brass Bullets

    Has anyone got any experience of shooting Solid Brass Bullets like the one's from Bernie Montana at Extreme Performance?

    I've been trying some in my .338 Lap Mag and .50BMG for target shooting but they also do hunting bullets.

    With the threat of a lead ban from Europe ever nearer I am interested in anyone's experience with these non lead alternatives?



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    I am not sure but some ranges prohibit the use of non jacketed, solid, turned style bullets (other than solid lead).
    probably fine for the ranges (both location and distance) you are launching .338LM/.50BMG

    worth checking before you part with your hard earned though.

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    The reports from europe say they are without equal for bouncing off things and carrying loads of energy

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    I have been using Bernie's bullets in .308 for about a year and so for stalking, Roe & Muntjac.

    From an accuracy point of view in my experience they are without equal but you will know that from your testing with .338 & .50 BMG. Consistency is far and beyond that found with conventional bullets. They turned my rifle from a 1/2 MOA at best to shooting one raggy little hole.

    If you have tried some already guess you are familiar with the vagaries of loading solid bullets so won't say anything on that but do ask if you wish.

    Performance on deer has been very good. In 150 - 200 deer between a friend and I mainly Roe Muntjac & an odd Fallow we have seen no failures to expand at all. A few have disintegrated leaving shot up shoulders especially if you hit a bone but nothing worse. Also where that has happened the solid base has punched through to do the damage. You might also find occasional bits of brass here and there but no more than you find bits of lead. I have spoken to Bernie about a bit of a design change to limit expansion and will see if that works having tested a good many now. If you do much head and neck shooting they will do the trick. So far I have used the 134gn hollow points. They are quick even from my 20" barrel, they give hardly any recoil. No evidence of ricochets as yet.

    To me they are just the ticket. They do the job and are no more expensive than any other premium bullet and give those confidence inspiring groups that are more important than many people are willing to admit!

    They are good for the environment too so if any lead ban comes forward you will be ready.

    Ranges can be a problem as they are not permitted in many places. Private ground is no problem of course.

    Go very carefully With your loading and do PM me if you want a bit of data.
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