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Thread: Brass/Copper Fouling in my barrel

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    Brass/Copper Fouling in my barrel

    What do you all recommend for heavy copper/brass (I also shoot solid Brass bullets) fouling in the rifling, I've tried various cleaning products but they all seem to take ages to do the job!



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    Montana Xtreme Copper Killer. In my opinion there is nothing stronger. Stinks like hell though.


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    Wipeout will shift it!
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    You need some copper left in the bore to line it and seal the imperfections in the bore I was told.

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    Wipeout/ Patchout feel free to pop round one evening

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    Have you slugged the barrel of your rifle?

    Do you know the bore diameter and the groove diameter?

    It could be that your solids are too big hence the heavy fouling.

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    Wipe out is very good, but the other ammonia based cleaners like sweets 7.63, Barnes CR, Montana etc work well. JB paste is also worth using after the copper cleaner for a final shine.

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    I use an electric deplating unit to remove heavy copper fouling. Probably removes 99.99% of the fouling -including cupra nickle. No idea on how it would work on brass fouling.~Muir

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    Clive, I have been using turned brass projectiles and tried patches/ brushes with Barnes CR10, KG12, JB and tetra but they all took a lot of rod strokes. I now put a few patches through with parker hale 009, a couple of patches through with degreaser on, then fill the barrel with forrest bore foam and leave for 1 - 2hrs. This seems to shift it all, some times have to top the foam up.

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    Any of the copper solvents will work but some take longer than others.

    For best results I use bore foam and leave it in over night.

    If it is really bad use a chamber plug and fill the barrel with one of the liquid solvents, I use T&H solutions or Hoppes Elite, leave that in over night, then invert the rifle over something that can catch the solution as it runs out. You can reuse the solution so don't waste it.
    Patch out the barrel as normal, then use a patch with meths on it to remove any traces of the solvent.

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