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Thread: YDS Gralloch. (slowed down for the camera).

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    YDS Gralloch. (slowed down for the camera).

    Due to a thread on here I filmed a gralloch last night while I left the client in the box to wait for another buck.
    The camera was mounted on my bag and i found it a little awkward to gralloch and keep my arms and hands as well as the deer feet out of the important bits. Anyway its not bad. A quick edit for captions and its done in under 5 minutes, which is slowed down for me. A complete removal of everything and ready to bag and PM the gralloch.
    As my "disclaimer" states please do not pull me up about the knife on the floor as i am well aware. I just found a spare few minutes in good light to film myself.
    I might do another under better conditions soon.
    Regards john YDS.
    hope some of you can learn something from this many of my clients are greatly impressed.

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    cools, well done. That's a good one to share.

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    Nice one
    should be required viewing,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    Nice one
    should be required viewing,
    It is slow, he usually has carved the mark of zorrow sorry..YDS on it.

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    cheers John really enjoyed that, learnt a few things cheers.
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    i must say when you watch him do it without the camera it is a work of art the speed and ease at which he works is quite something , it will take me a while before i can do half as good a job. i certainly have got alot better with practice and having the right knife is a key to an easy gralloch. keep the vids coming john they are really good , wayne
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    John, very impressive I wish I was that quick & efficient, I take my hat off to you

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    That was very good John you made it look so easy, just shows how very bad i am thanks for posting. DF

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    Great John not what i would call a field gralloch but hey hats off to you for putting it up.

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    Well Done John,Very imformative.
    Atb John.

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