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Thread: o.a.l.

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    Hi guys ive just been doing some loading and playing with o.a.l. and to my horror ive found out that there is nearly 20 thou difference from the shortest to the longest. Any shed any light onto this reason?

    Cheers james

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    Can only assume you are measuring from base of cast to bullet "tip" most bullets will vary slightly in length and shape. You would be better measuring to the ogive of the bullet using a comparator.

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    + 1 for the above as i have had similar results without the comparator

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    Yes just been talking with a gun smith and he said i need to get an comparator

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    As nearly all bullet seaters act upon the ogive and not the tip all your doing is confusing and worrying yourself.

    Sure spend the money if you WANT TO. However don't expect your hand loads to suddenly shrink their grouping just because you spent out on a tool. The gunshop sure they want you to buy one after all there is profit in it for them. They also know that it's not likely to stop there.

    next will be micrometer adjustable dies etc ....................... I can see him rubbing his hands together right now .

    You didn't say how well or badly your previous loads shot I notice could it be that they are shooting just fine as is?

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    Yes my groups are really good i normally shoot clover leafs with 5shots some times do a 1 hole group with 3 shots

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    As a relative newcomer to reloading all I would say to you is just stick to what you are doing. if you are getting the results you say you are don't even think about altering anything.
    I found that if you start fiddling you end up losing the plot altogether. However it wouldn't hurt if you know anyone with a comparator to check the length to the ogive as this will stand you in good stead for the future.

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    If you do decide to get a comparator and want a bit of kit that I consider better than the Hornaday one, have a lok at this guy's offering of a comparator:

    It should always be remembered that there can be variations even when measuring the ogive of just the bullet even before you put it into a case.

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    I understand that there can be sum difference even with a comparator but it should be less than the 20 thou i was getting messauring it the way i did. and i was curious to c wat the o.a.l. was of my rounds as it is my tryed and tessed amo that works every time.

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