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Thread: Zeiss 3-9 x 36 Diavari Scope

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    Zeiss 3-9 x 36 Diavari Scope

    Are these any good - in particular what are they like in low light. The rifle I am getting has one already mounted on it or should I stick with my Meopta 6x42 - in the latter I do like the range finding reticle and actually use it a lot - and it is pretty accurate when compared with a laser range finder - within 20 metres out to 250 yards.

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    If you don't like it I bagsy first dibs!


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    i had one a few years ago ,there a lovely little scope would be lovely on a hill gun ,but if your after more nocturnal animals its lacking in light gathering properties i sold mine for a 3-9x42 zeiss
    but crisp and clear a scope you will not get.

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    [QUOTE=Heym SR20;40064] The rifle I am getting has one already mounted on it[QUOTE]

    How did you get on with the scope? I've been admiring the T* models from afar for a few years now!

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    I have two, both with the plex reticule. I also have a 50mm Swaro PVS with light plex and a 50mm NSX with NP2DD.

    The little Ziess in low light comfortably outperforms the bigger and more modern scopes from the other makers. I can usually take a rabbit sitting 50 yards off a lamp beam with a rimfire. Its performance is truly astounding, both mine are German builds, the later ones are US build and I cannot vouch for them.

    Had my first one new in 1992 time, the second one I found used a few months ago. Never had any issues with either, one sits on my rimmy the other on my 17AH working/carry rifle.

    The only thing with the later one is the up and down directions on the turrets work the opposite way to the earlier one, perhaps up in German starts with D?. None the less once sorted it holds zero OK.

    In my opinion the German built Ziess 3x9x36 is the perfect scope for normal distance ( sub 250 yards) stalking and ideally suited to a light rifle.


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