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Thread: My diy barrel free floating

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    My diy barrel free floating

    Hello all

    Just a few lines to tell you of the recent improvement I have made to my little Remington model 7 .204 rifle.

    Many months ago I sold the .17hrm to fund the .204 Ruger , I wanted a light easy to carry rifle for varmints and fox out to the 400m mark.

    The rifle was “ok” apart from the stock that wasn’t free floating it touched the barrel in several places namely along each side , several places in the middle & at the end, also the stock was as stiff as an elastic band , it would shoot 1“ to just sub inch groups off bags as long as I didn’t put too much pressure on the forend and I let the barrel cool between shots.

    I went out last week and had a “mare” of an outing I bagged a good size cub at 250m but missed the 2nd cub due to me rushing and putting too much pressure on the bipod forcing the forend onto the barrel even more , I saw the missed shot impact a good 6” from the cub .

    After this I moved fields and used up what ammo I had doing fast shot strings and putting pressure on the forend with the bi-pod to test grouping to say it was all over the palace was an understatement.

    After getting home I threw my teddy out of the pram and decided to take drastic action to try to solve this problem myself with out spending a lot of money.

    The next day armed with a file , 400&600 grit sand paper, some car repair fibreglass and wooden dowels of different diameters I set to work , I removed the stock from the rifle measured what bits I wanted removed and set to work with the files ,after this I used the dowels and sand paper to remove where the channels in the stock touched the barrel . After checking it was free floating I used the fibreglass to fill in the channels to try and stiffen and strengthen the stock .

    I left it 24hrs then re-sanded the fibreglass smooth , fitted the stock back on the rifle I rechecked that it fully free floated with one of the many £50 notes bulging from my wallet , did I say £50 note I meant a piece of the kids colouring book, I also tinkered and made the trigger lighter .

    I went out yesterday to re-zero and check if any improvement was made, I placed a target 100m away forgot the bags so only had the bi-pod to help.
    First couple of shots were just bringing rifle back to zero (1” high@100m) then armed with the limited amount of ammo I had left (as was going out chasing foxes) I decided to shoot a few groups .

    To say I was impressed is an understatement I shot 3 x 3shot groups with about 10-20sec between shots the groups were two at 0.4” and one at 0.3” all groups had two bullets holes touching and the 3rd just stepped off (I did rush 3rd shot on each string) I believe if I used bags and didn’t rush I could get the groups down to 0.2”

    I then went back to the area I missed the cub earlier , after a short wait I spied two cubs play fighting I didn’t have a range finder but it was approx 270m . I gave it 3” of elevation (aimed for top line of shoulder) and gave the lighten trigger a squeeze . The .204 still amazes me ,before I really felt the recoil I saw the cub drop I do like fast bullets , the 2nd ran after the shot but came back to check out where her brother was, a second later she was down as well.

    The free floating , stiffening of the stock and lightening the trigger really made a huge difference to the overall performance of this little gun when I totted up the cost of the alterations it came to the costly sum of £7-99 and took 3hrs in total to carry out well worth the time and money .


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    Well done, just goes to show that thought is more important than money for simple fixes.


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    ah well done mate another .20 cal user i find a good way to practice is to decapitate rabbits at range they lose the head and you get a nice unmarked carcass
    nice thing i find with it is if theres a few in a decent field spread around an you slot one most of the others just stand around wondering what that thwack was
    just gained another big farm due to the .20 as the fella before was using a.22rimmy on big corn fields and couldnt get near em and the farmer wants results
    well he is getting them now

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    A friend in the US used arrow shafts glassed into a synthetic stock to help stiffen up the fore stock. Sorry i cannot recall the make of rifle now it might have been a Remington as he has a few of them or it might have been another make or even after market stock. he is constantly tinkering and building new wildcats so it's hard to keep track of progress at times .

    Nice going on the stock though.

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    Bloody hell Brit that's out of character for you, someone that's free floated a barrel not getting some berrating?

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    you got me thinking now i could routa out a channel and do the arrow thing very easy . ill keep you all updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    Bloody hell Brit that's out of character for you, someone that's free floated a barrel not getting some berrating?

    Well it IS a tupperware plastic type stock is it not. Something has to be done with them to make them usable .

    Oh yes I do have the off day you know .

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Yep another that needed fixing to make it work. Of course the fact that these plastic stocks cost a fraction of what a wood one does has absolutely nothign to do with manufacturers choosing them .

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