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Thread: leather bullet wallets

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    leather bullet wallets

    hi does anyone know where i could pick up a good quality leather bullet wallet?

    many thanks , jim

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    I got an RWS one from York guns 10 years ago but I've no idea if they still do them?
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    Well Napier make one although I have never seen one in the flest so to speak:-

    They seem a bit pricey to me though.

    I own a RWS one that I picked up from F.A. Anderson of East Grinstead many years ago now.

    Have you considered asking the chaps on SD who make the bullet slides?

    A search on SD brought up these links:- a%2fst%7d%7bcmd%2f0%2fcmd%7d%7bm%2fwebsale%2fm%7d% 7bs%2fhubertus%2fs%7
    These are made of felt.

    off e-bay:-

    Item number: 250521848798 Radar leather wallet

    darn it those prices make the RWS one look cheap... Now if we can just find a stockist . Oh you might find one by contacting English gunmakers like Wm Powell, Westley Richards, Watson bros of London.

    So there is quite a choice ................................ have fun.

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    At past game fairs, I have purchased catridge holder made by a company called Conway Leather, superbly made leather wallets holding 10 rounds, and as with all leather goods they look better with age.

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    The RWS BULLET POUCH holds 10 bullets and can be carried in the pocket or on the belt 25 +pp from www.stalkersuk in their sling section

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    Try he will be at the phoenix meet at Bisley this coming weekend if that is of any help to you.
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    Try miniwizard on here, might be able to make you something...

    243/308 25-06 270 30-06 shooters,would you be interested

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    Best to avoid press stud fasteners, too noisy. Some wallets just have a slit in the leather which mates with a small stud on the other side,opens totally silently.

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    ive got one sorted thanks lads

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