hello all

i am after any antlers that might be going spare to help a young lad (Richard) who makes walking sticks in his spare time to help support /fund himself through college.

ever since i have known Richard he would be in the woods tieing/wiring branches, he would show you even as a kid where in 1,2,4 ,5or more years time a good walking stick could be fashioned from a branch.

anyway this lad is putting himself through college and makes walking sticks in spare time to get extra money. He has all my antlers but as i only shoot for the table and most of thoses are younger beasts the antlers are not that good. also Richard tells me the antlers need 12-18 mths to dry out first.

if there is anybody that has any spare antlers in the atic or shed 12 mths old or more and want to donate them to a good cause Richard would love to have them .

i will pay any postage for the antlers so you are not out of pocket , i have had a walking stick from him with an antler mount from one i gave him 2-3 yrs back i must say it is a fantastic example of what he can do and i will recommend his sticks to anybody who is after one .
this lad is not a commercial venture he is a lad putting himself through school trying to make ends meet doing something he loves.

if it is ok with admin i will try and post pics of my stick and others he has done.

PM me or email griffshrek1@aol.com if you have any and how much the postage would be and i'll ge the money to you for the postage .