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Thread: reloading kit wanted

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    reloading kit wanted

    as title reloading kit wanted, im new to reloading so unsure what i need, the calibres im looking to reload are .243 and .308

    so why?


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    pm sent


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    Hi Andy

    contact Craig on here (his name is 1S1K) he has the following for sale due to having a complete new loading set up.,

    1 x rcbs partner press
    2 x lee powder dispensers and stands
    2 lee auto primer with the shell holder you need for 243/308
    1 x powder funnel.
    1 x a cracking set of Hornady Deluxe scales (don't make them like these anymore.)

    i hope this helps.

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    all pm replied too, still looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldypurple View Post
    all pm replied too, still looking
    I sent you a message about the lee powder dispencer and lee scales Lee auto primer and some otherbits i have that are surplus to my reloading.
    dont know if you got it I did not get one back ??

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