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Thread: Thread Protection

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    Thread Protection

    During storage or transport with the moderator off of the rifle, I have used walking stickrubber ends to prevent the thread getting damaged.. cost 75p , alot cheaper than screw on fitment, correctly sized it just sits tight and pops on or off as required

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    you could also purchase at even less cost a nut of the same thread size.
    or even lash out and get a mate with a lathe to tun it to fit.

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    Thread Protector

    Hi,Kent..the nut idea is fine..the rubber has the advantage of keeping debris andmoisture out of the barrel and protects the crown

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    Cervus, the mind boggles to what you do with your gun when not in use- but i can see it would.

    If you took a shot with it stll in place i wonder how far it would go? with the force of compessed air behind it ?

    I use a bit of electrical tape over my muzzle on rainy days in a similar vien - it doesn't effect 1st round acuraccy.

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    Thread Protection

    Terminal effects of a rubber "bullet" on a deer would be interesting..the equivalent of giving the animal a good slapping! However, as I said in my initial thread, the rubber is most useful for use in the cabinet or transporting the gun ..not for field use, but if we carry out our pre-stalk checks there is no reason to forget to remove it, and as I ALWAYS use the 308 or 243 with mods. I thinkI would notice it! Cheers!.

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