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    wipeout patchout

    Well i have been using all sorts over the years to clean my barrel, ended up settling on mpro for carbon and sweets for copper, cleaned my 7mm-08 last week to my usual standard that i thought i was clean, then tryed wipeout, let it soak for 24 hours and my god the crap and copper that came out.
    Now i dont understand all the chemicals n stuff but this wipeout patchout really works, be interesting to get the rifle borescoped just to see

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    started using it for my .223 and 6mm rem with excellent results, Both come back to zero after a couple of shots as well.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I bought some Carbon Out, Wipe out/patch out yesterday and tried it last night on my .338 Lap Mag and .50 BMG which I've been trying to get clean for several days! It does appear to work quite well but not sure if it's any better than KG.

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    I used KG for a long time. i started to get bullet wander and just couldnt work it out. i cleaned the bore of the .222 with the KG and kept going until all patches came out clear. after speaking to someone i went to HPS and bought the patchout and accelerator. i was told not to bother with carb-out and just use the brake cleaner to start. not tried the brake cleaner yet but i have used the patch-out and accelerator. Lets just say i have a half bottle of KG that i will never use again.
    the .222 is back on form and dotting eyes like it use to. thanks to patch-out and HPS.

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