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Thread: Tracking Training Day

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    Tracking Training Day

    Following on from the deer dog day .I am looking to organise a tracking training day for hounds / tracking dogs. I have spoke to a few people and they have suggested they would be interested. This day will be a training day only and any tracks laid will be for demonstration only. I am looking for around 6 people and there hounds. This will then be followed by a full tracking test day in the spring of next year.

    PM Me if interested.
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    Will you be needing blood

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    Hi David when you thinking for the day

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    September hopefully

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    where would you be thinking of

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    so my GWP does not fit in with "hounds / tracking dogs" ?

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    The day will be held in central Scotland in the Blantyre area on a large shooting range. This is an ideal area for demonstrations and the landowners have already agreed.
    Colin your dog would be a tracking dog and is welcome any were now you that's different l

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    Sounds good idea,
    What sort of test? Age of trail,turns/bends etc
    Who will judge?
    Benchmark for success?
    Will it clash with cookingfats day and Mark E's day from NGO?
    What equipment can be used?

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    Marks NGO day is on the 22/23 sept and out BDS weekend of training and tests is on the 29/30 sept, because our days are so far south dont think it will clash to much with 6 pointers.
    our track tests will be from 3 hours - 24 hours old, with blood and without blood depending what people what and with a distance of 600-1000 yards.


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    My raining day is not a test day but a day to train the Hound owners.There will be no tracks to do or judging of dogs.There might be at most a few small demo tracks of a few years to show how to lay one or how a dog should make the owner aware of the wound bed.If it clashes it can be moved.

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