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Thread: Jackal head

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    Jackal head

    Emailed today to say my european jackal mount is on route.
    Hope it looks and travels well.
    will post pic when i get it.
    a little nervous, but i thought it better done by people who do them all the time then have it done here.
    we will see eh?
    looking at alot of the work on here there are some very skilled uk taxidermists.
    hope it doesnt look like that munjac which was posted some time ago.

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    good luck will look forward to seeing that ,atb wayne
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    Look forward to seeing it mate, did they email you any pictures?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    no already on route tom, thats why i'm nervous i have just paid.

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    Well its not the quality of some of the work on here and i'm a little disapointed but its not bad (i think)
    looks better from accross the room. The details are a little poor as is its expression.
    Guess we are spoilt by some of these boys in the uk.

    It looks good enough just) to remind me of a good hunt abroad in the company of friends shooting stuff not available over here. And it fell to my double rifle.

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    Doggy Dentures.....


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    Its up propley now and to be fair i think the cameras been a little kinder this time.
    Still not a great example though.
    Anyway it will remind me of the last hunt in bulgaria weeman.

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    Its all about memories...

    At least he died happy, going by the smile on his face..

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    It's not that bad mate, better looking than a weeman head on the wall! Ifyou're really unhappy with it could it be re-mounted by someone over here? Or is it a case of, once it's mounted it's done?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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