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Thread: Sharpening electric mincer blades ?

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    Sharpening electric mincer blades ?

    If this is I wrong section please move mods!

    Ok .... Me thinks that the blades in my. Youngs electric mincer could be doing with a sharpen
    I did buy another one as a spare as they are cheap but it was worse than the blunt original!!
    Just wondered if anybody experience of sharpening these ?


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    If your blade is anything like mine , i laid it flat on a section of metal sandpaper and moved it round in circles keeping it flat.

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    You can use a diamond stone. You would normaly have a plate and blade as a matching pair.

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    I do mine with a set of 3 diamond sharpening plates I got cheap of ebay, each one a different grit, brings it up like brand new.

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    Seen a farmer sharpen his with a .............angle grinder it got hot and he let go his mrs was not happy just missed her and bounced of the tv.

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    Just move it around on a diamond stone as has been said,but,don't forget to do the plate as well cos they can wear unevenly too.

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    I did a Pig In A Day Course, and Ray Smith (Hugh F-W's butcher) recommended having a specific blade for each mincing plate, so they wore into each other with use as a pair and became in effect self-sharpening. I use a diamond hone though, as I am too tight to buy 4 blades for the 4 different size mincing plates.


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    That would be a matching pair then! He should have also said mark the plate so the blade touches the same side every time.

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    well i just did as suggested and rubbed the blade flat in a circular motion on an oil stone and tried mincing a batch o roe and bloody hell!!!..........

    worst ever ...took 3 times as long as normal!!!!! mince just kept coming out in a big flat mush as if holes were blocked in the mincing plate which in effect they were....wasnt sinew or the like just kept clogging......bollox....have tro try summit different


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