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Thread: Telescope cleaning

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    Telescope cleaning

    The wife and kids have bought ma really nice 100 year old + 3 draw telescope for my birthday.

    I would like to take it apart and clean it but never been inside one.
    Anyone ever done this ?
    The draw is just a little tight like it do with a little lube any ideas?

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    They are fairly straight forward to take apart and clean, if you do a search on stalking telescopes on here you will see a post from a chap Mackensen he describes how to do it if you are not sure.

    He really knows his telescopes, and is a very helpfull lad, if you need any information I am sure he will help if you PM him.

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    +1 from Mackensen

    Previous posts will disclose BT and I are fighting for the position of his Number 1 fan!
    Stalking, Courses, Gear - Moray Outfiiting Website here - Welcome
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    Thanks bogtrotter will pm Mackensen might be able to date it accurately for me

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    May need to relubricate or replace the felt/wool pads

    They are quite easy to strip - I'm sure that there are some instructions on how to do so in some of the WW2 sniper manuals I have

    When one of my customers needs a telescope servicing I recommend a chap in Glasgow: he does a very good job - full service, repairs, etc.
    Got his number somewhere if you ever need it

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    Glasgow Binocular Repairs...Hope Street.....first class on telescopes and an enthusiast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerarddwatts View Post
    Glasgow Binocular Repairs...Hope Street.....first class on telescopes and an enthusiast.
    Many thanks, really good reports on this firm in threads on SD

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