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Thread: How to skin a Roebuck head (Trophy preparation part 1)

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    How to skin a Roebuck head (Trophy preparation part 1)

    Hi everyone,

    We have uploaded the next subject in our 'How to' series

    Please do contact us if you need any further advice or help. This video is in three parts, and the cutting, boiling and finishing process will be uploaded soon.

    Hope you enjoy our latest offering, and gain some valuable tips from Jelen Deer Services.


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    Your videos are great, an excellent resource for people trying this for the first time.

    Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

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    How to ski a roe buck head, i thought i was in for something new here but no just a great vid by mike once more.

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    Minor differences, as most of my trophy's are cut unless borderline medal in which case I would prep full skull,
    I don't skin bottom jaw start from ear skin round behind head down one side to nose and back up the other side then cut skull , skin left attached to the bottom jaw.

    Also I have never found it necessary to remove the eyeballs before boiling.
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    ****! ...... Just noticed me speling mistake!!!!

    Never mind, I'm sure you guys can work it out! ...... Dave is currently working on preparing a Fallow trophy whilst skiing in the Alps!


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