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Thread: Problem with lamps

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    Problem with lamps

    I have just checked my 3 lamps ready for me roughing it in a few weeks .The 2 cluelite dont work and also the lightforce it appears all the bulbs have blown .I have never had a problem before when i have used battery packs but on the last lamping trip i used a feed direct from my atv . There is no inline fuse on any of these lamps .

    So guys whats causing my bulbs to blow ?

    All my leads are interchangeble and quite long , they have the "kettle plug" system which i have used for years without a hitch .

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    You're jinxed ?

    Maybe an in line fuse would be handy just in case there is some form of short or surge, although when foxing we invariably have a lamp fail at some point in the night , most often pulled wires , switches ect only occasionally bulbs go probably due to rough handling. We have learned to take it as a good omen as on nights when there's no foxes the lamps work fine . It is a source of some frustration that there is not a more robust and secure system than the cigarette lighter plug or the clulite connector. a mini version of the water proof threaded plug you get on some outdoor electric garden appliances would be handy. We seem to have to replace kit every year, it's unusual to get a battery pack to last much more than a season.

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    Easiest thing to do would be to wire up a socket with in-line fuse directly from the battery.

    Another thought is have you actually checked the fuse to the cigar socket? I know the
    yamaha fuses can blow .
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    The atv has an external socket for extra lighting etc so i have the female side of the kettle plug conected to that , so is that not a dedicated 12v supply ?

    On the landrover i have the same system fixed to the dash board .

    Could it be a surge that is above 12v that causes the problem ??

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    on the honda atv's the cigar lighter socket is controlled by a 10amp fuse in the fuse holder by the battery, which ever vehicle the socket is fitted in it would be best to have an in-line fuse so as not to have any risk of fire if you have a short circuit
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    Halogen lamps are not super sensitive to surge. A short burst at above 12 volts is not likely to be your cause. Vibration is the biggest killer of filaments.

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    I use small rechargeable lamps without battery packs now for all lamping and shooting away from the vehicle.Much lighter,easier to use and don't spend all night getting caught in wires.

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