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Thread: A nice early Morning stalk!

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    Cool A nice early Morning stalk!

    Morning all,

    2.50am this morning my guest arrived, some may know him as Jayb, many will know him as just John!

    John has been very helpful to me and whilst we have been out a few times on other grounds of mine, I finally got the chance to repay his kindness of recent years with a stalk on one of my low land farms.

    A cracking morning to be out and about, NE wind a little cold but as predicted as it warmed around 4.30-5am the right beast finally stepped into view, Jayb is a very accurate shot and I didn't have a seconds thought in having him judge when the shot was right, down he went no trouble at all.

    Many deer seen, lot's of does and a couple of bucks, thanks for coming over John, always a pleasure never a chore.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    hi glen
    very nice and the right attitude always a pleasure to stalk along side people that truely enjoy it regards derek

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    well done mate

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    Absolutely Derek, the Craic is always good with John!

    Davie.. Looking forward to seeing you up here.. Extend your stay?!

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    Glen i will be up around the August time with the wife she loves it up there . But i will ask her if she can stay longer might be an idea to leave her in the kitchen with Sheila for a longer to to see if any thing might rub off. I see your wee beast id in winter coat god its late this year the change the Taxidermists will be clamoring for capes lol.
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    John shot it bud

    Sheila is a whizz in the catering department .. My Kathryn is coming close though she was up at 5.30am this morning to make Jayb and I a full fry!

    They are late indeed this year, is it the same down with you?

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    Glen it was a pleasure mate and very good of you to invite me over, we shall go for some proper size beasts next!!, but we shall need to be gone for a few days on that one I think . We saw a good few but only managed the one, the only other buck was on next doors land, typical.

    Thank kat for me for my Olympic standard breakfast, and a certain little lady for the smile

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Nice to see the old man of the north getting out and putting one on the floor. I hope you made his tea the right way, as he dosnt take any milk!!

    Isnt that right Wadas. Ill tell yer!

    Well done John, hope both you and Shiela are well, see you both later in the year.


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    John Anytime mate! They are always "over the fence"!!

    Kat's been thanked and the wee one was still waving as you left Elgin lol.

    Malc, We sure did it was coffee today.. He'd been up all night so was looking for a caffeine fix!

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    Well done Glen and jayb, i rang jayb before i knew he had been out, hes tucked up in bed dreaming about roebucks bless.

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