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Thread: How Long

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    How Long

    Hi Everyone

    How long do you guys leave your beasts in a chiller before processing?, i have just taken charge of a chiller and was unsure how long to leave them.



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    I think thats like asking what bullet do you prefer for stalking, lots of answers and all correct.
    Each species, and sex, can be slightly different depending on the time of the year too.
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    Quad sticks

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    As has been said it is a very personal thing,and for me I like to hang for at least 18 days,but if turn over doesn't allow this then just as long as I can.


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    Normally at least a week but not more than 2 if I'm selling it on. (My chiller is set to 3 degrees).
    There's a rough guide as to maximum based on temperature and time and the number forty - I'll try and explain.......

    The theory is that you shouldn't excede 40 frige days at 1 degree, or, a combination of temperature and time not to exceed 40. ie. 20 days at 2 degrees, 10 days at 4 degrees, 8 days at 5 degrees etc......

    Obviously wild game handling guidlines require us to store at 7 degrees or below which works out to about 5.7 days at 7 degrees.

    This is only a rough guide though and each animal should be treated individually with regard to size, time taken to get to chiller, humidity, contamination, personal taste, etc,,,,,
    Hope this helps and makes some sense?

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    Thanks everyone, thats just what im looking for.


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    as already said down to your own personal situation.....

    i leave mine maybe a week at most......but because of my work schedule etc i try to get to the beast to start breaking it down within that week....i like to leave it at least 3 or 4days then butcher.....this is purely coz i work away from home and dont know when the phone will ring to go i like to "clear my feet" so to speak so im not leaving it for someone else to do.


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    Forgot to mention......

    I quite often skin an animal a day or two before butchering and then hang it back up in the chiller. A nice surface dry carcass is a pleasure to butcher compared to a slippy slimy wet one!

    Also, if your chiller isn't big enough to hold an animal in its jacket, or you only have a domestic fridge, there is nothing wrong with skinning and jointing whilst fresh or preferrably warm and then leaving it to mature in the fridge in bags. Vacuum bags are best as poly bags can 'sweat' a bit.
    If it is for your own use, do whatever suits you best!

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    Anything up to 21 days should be OK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    ....... Vacuum bags are best as poly bags can 'sweat' a bit.....
    That will be what I have been doing wrong then, always seems that the meat taints far too quick and I have been trying to work out why. Until I get sorted and get a proper chiller unit I have been jointing it a banging it in freezer bags in the fridge as soon as it cools.

    I know what to try next now

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    Dont make the mistake ive just done , i skinned a roe buck then hung it in the chiller for a week , it came out bone dry and nearly black .

    Still its made excellent sausage and burgers

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