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Thread: Another Bsa CF2 / Rem 700 base mount question

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    Another Bsa CF2 / Rem 700 base mount question

    Another Bsa CF2 / Rem 700 base mount question please for the experts out there.

    Don't really like the look of them, but for convenience I'm hoping to fit a 1 piece weaver rail to my CF2 to solve eye relief problems.
    I know the CF2 base height and mounting hole spacing is the same as on the Rem 700's as the CF2, but is the action length of the CF2 the same as the Rem 700 Long action or Short action or is it different altogether ?

    I'm getting conflicting evidence from the web. The one piece rails for the Bsa Monarch are listed as the same as the Rem 700 long action. Though didn't the Monarch come in different action lengths ?
    I think all the Cf2's used the same action length, which would be a long action, so I think it uses the remington long action rail, but I would appreciate any advice before I buy one.

    Thank you,
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    What scope are you using and what is the eye relief problem?

    The Long action Rem 700 have the correct hole spacing as far as I am aware.

    I had this not being able to get the scope back far enough on my Swedish Mauser and most scope mount manufacturers make extended scope bases or rings for such problems like on this one:-

    Notice the front base extends over the loading opening slightly.

    On my P-H 1200C with the 6x42 S&B scope I also ran into this problem:-

    Extended Leupold front ring solved that one ............................................ Just! Yes there is enough room to get some paper between scope bell and ring base.

    Hopefully they will give an idea of what is available.

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    Thank you Brithunter for the advice. Fine looking mounts you have there, thank you for taking the time to post photo's. I will get a 700 L/A rail then. At the worse I can always cut it up into two extension bases.
    The extention rings you kindly suggest would be the ideal solution, but I thought to use a weaver system, having already bought some Warne rings. The scope is a 30mm, 3-12x variable S&B, which has a quite short tube and long angled objective bell, which limits the rear adjustment for eye relief and I have to crane my neck forward.

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    Ahhhh thank you fro the compliment.

    I didn't have any decent close ups of the Apel Roll off mounts fitted to the CF2. That set did come with 30mm rings as it happened and I picked up some 1" rings and put the 30's aside. Then later after acquiring a Tasco Titan scope with 30mm tube I acquired a set of used Mauser bases from Ron Wharton and fitted it up on my P-H 1100 Lwt.

    Modern scopes seem to be short in the tube. This Falcon 7.5x CSS scope could do with coming back just a touch. I am not enamoured with those "Warne" type vertically split rings but I needed to try this scope out so brought these cheap Nikko Sterling Platinum 30 mm rings and put on a set of Weaver bases. The complete mount set up cast less that 15 and full filled it's test roll. the idea was to get better mounts at a later date but of course events got in the way of further projects like this.

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